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Frances Provost Fundraising
Frances Provost Fundraising
Frances Provost Fundraising
Frances Provost Fundraising
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supporting great music through Southwell Minster Choir Association
What was PROJECT 2020: about...
Coronavirus hit hard in just about every corner of the country, regardless of the sector, number of employees, skilled or unskilled; there has been an impact.  PROJECT 2020: was concerned with just one sector in one location.  Our cathedrals and minsters have long provided a source of comfort and solace to our communities; even if we only visit them whilst on holiday. They are always there for us when we need them.  However, all of our beloved establishments have been hit by a significant fall in income, we can all imagine the extraordinary sums of money it takes to keep these buildings alive and that is without considering the people behind the scenes who run keep them going.

A cornerstone of daily life at any cathedral or minster is its musical tradition; supporting services on a Sunday; leading daily choral evensong; performing at concerts and organ recitals; Christmas and Easter special services; the list goes on.  An important role also comes through education of young musicians as choristers.  Not only do they learn to sing (sometimes like angels), they learn self-discipline, teamwork, responsibility, trust and many other skills.

This is where PROJECT 2020: stepped in.  Southwell Minster in Nottinghamshire has a grand choral tradition let by the splendidly titled 'Rector Chori' (literally 'In Charge of the Choir') who is the Director of Music.  To help ensure their continued traditions and education of young choristers PROJECT 2020: raised £3,085.  

tells us how this project was conceived; this was how you got involved...

How people got involved in PROJECT 2020:
What I did...

I began my rehabilitation journey following my stroke in 2020 by improving my speech, singing, walking, motor control and general physical strength. However, my rehabilitation was not been easy due to extreme fatigue which made improving on my walking incredibly hard. I started walking laps around my garden to help improve movement when I  realized that, while I was helping myself, I could help others too.

With the knowledge that the choral music industry had and continued to suffer greatly during the Coronavirus pandemic, I decided to raise money by walking two marathons around my own garden.  

Each marathon walk totalled 26.2 miles or 46145 yards; each lap of my garden was  38.52 yards. I had already walked the distance of one marathon (1198 laps) in just over 9 weeks and I set myself the challenge to complete the second one in just 8 weeks, that was another 1198 laps. Of course I didn't complete the laps all in one go! I am aimed to complete at least five laps per day, most days I was able to complete many more laps.

I was supporting the Southwell Minster Choir Association (Registered Charity No.1000584).  I have a particular fondness for the music at the Minster and know that the music life there has been seriously affected by the Coronavirus pandemic. By supporting the Choir Association they could in turn support; the young people who love to sing at Southwell Minster; the Lay Clerks (adult singers) who rely on the modest income from singing at the Minster; the professional musicians who lead the music at the Minster; the tradition of high quality music lead by Southwell Minster.

Frances Provost Fundraising
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